Friday, 11 July 2014

Summary Buku Ini

Hospital Lam Wah Ee, Penang.
Dr. Ng Peng Wah

20/03/2014 (Khamis)
First meeting with the specialists.
Dr. Ng Peng Wah (O&G) - Pap smear. TVS. All fine.
Dr. Leong Wing Seng (Urologist) - FSH blood test. Scan. Explaination of TESA.

25/04/2014 (Jumaat)
TESA - Alhamdulillah. En. Sperma berjaya dikumpul dan disimpan untuk IVF/ICSI kami nanti.

06/05/2014 (Selasa)
Day 3 mentrual period. Done hormone test for me & HIV test for both of us.

22/05/2014 (Khamis)
Day 19 menstrual period. Jumpa Dr dan bawa balik Suprefect.

24/05/2014 (Sabtu)
Day 21 Menstrual period. Mula suntikan Suprefect 50 iu (kali ni malam).

03/06/2014 (Selasa)
Day 1 menstrual period. Officially in the IVF cycle! Call nurse dan set tarikh temujanji.

09/06/2014 (Isnin)
CD 7 menstrual period. Jumpa Dr Ng, adjust dos Suprefact (15 iu) dan bawa balik suntikan Puregon.

13/06/2014 (Jumaat)
CD 11 menstrual period. Mula suntikan Puregon (125 iu) (malam juga). (Puregon injections contain the active ingredient follitropin beta, which is synthetic version of a natural sex hormone called follicle stimulating hormone (FSH). In the ovaries in women, FSH increases the number of growing follicles and stimulates their development. Within the follicles are the developing eggs.)

18/06/2014 (Rabu)
CD 16. Appointment. TVS ~ 8 eggs. Increased Puregon dose. (150 iu). Carry on Suprefact (15 iu).

21/06/2014 (Sabtu)
CD 19. Appointment. TVS ~ 9 eggs. Puregon still dose. (150 iu). Carry on Suprefact (15 iu).

23/06/2014 (Isnin)
CD 21. Last injection for Suprefact & Puregon.

24/06/2014 (Selasa)
CD 22. Pregnyl injection (Chorionic Gonadotrophin) sharp on 9.15 pm. (Pregnyl injections are used to stimulate follicules to mature and ovulation to occur. )

26/06/2014 (Khamis)

29/06/2014 (Ahad)

10/07/2014 (Khamis)
Beta HcG - Big Fat Negative!

The End.

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